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LEED Canada for Homes

Savic Homes Ltd is now registered for LEEDŽ Canada for Homes Green Building Rating System!

Features included in LEEDŽ Homes

A LEEDŽ home differs from a regular home in some or all of the following components:

  1. Innovation & Design
    • Experts from a variety of fields, such as architecture, engineering, and landscaping, come together to create an integrated building design
    • Durable construction is attained through appropriate building design, material selection and construction practices
  2. Location and Linkages
    • Development on environmentally sensitive land is avoided
    • Site location is in proximity to green spaces and community services
    • Site location enables walking, biking and public transit
  3. Sustainable Sites
    • Minimization of environmental damage during construction process
    • Native species only used for landscaping. Preference given to species with low water and synthetic chemical demand
    • Reduce heat island effect, water runoff and erosion on site
  4. Water Efficiency
    • Decrease indoor use through efficient fixtures and fittings
    • High-efficiency irrigation systems
    • Use greywater and rainwater harvesting
  5. Energy Efficiency
    • Improved overall efficiency through increased insulation, decreased air and heat leakage, use of energy performance windows, heating and cooling systems, hot water systems, appliances and fixtures
    • This can be achieved through EnerGuide rating or through a custom-approach
    • Option for solar-ready housing
  6. Material Use
    • Construction waste management, reduction and diversion
    • Use of environmentally preferable, such as FSC-certified tropical wood, reused materials and low volatile organic chemical (VOC) paint
    • Preference for local products
  7. Indoor Environmental Quality
    • Minimize leakage of combustible gases and indoor pollutants into living spaces, control indoor moisture levels, improved air filtration, and protection from radon gas and soil gas contaminants

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The 'LEED for Homes Logo' is a registered trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and is used by permission. The logo signifies only that Savic Homes is actively participating in the USGBC LEED for Homes Program; USGBC does not guarantee the products or services offered by its participants.

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Proper construction procedures, attention to detail, and reliable workmanship are just part of the philosophy of Savic Homes.

Bob Savic is a university-educated builder who applies his knowledge and perspective to every new home he constructs.

Always putting the customers' wishes first and regarding customer satisfaction as the ultimate reward demonstrates Bob Savic's devotion to his clients.

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